On Being Happy

Oh hi.

I had the weirdest thing happen when i got to the lake.

I liked it. And then I loved it. And then my brain switched off out of work mode for the first time in over a year.

I'm not kidding. I'm never not working. And it's not okay. I mean, maybe it is, because I love it so much and I feel weird when I'm not programming a workout or researching something or writing something or answering texts.

So, back to the lake. Here are the things I did.
1. Watched bacon fry in the pan.
2. Washed dishes and stared out the window at God.
3. Stripped six beds. Put clean sheets on. 
4. Hung out with my now grown daughter and fell more in love with her. 
5. Laughed with my littles. I looked at them too, ya know? Nothing on my mind but their sun-kissed faces and bright, happy eyes.
6. Got in snake-infested water to see if I could wake-board (turns out I can) even tho I didn't want to. And now, I want to.
7. Looked for rocks. 
8. Sat on the dock. No phone. No computer. Just coffee. 
9. Played with Clancy. Hell, I just played in general.
10. Listened to music that made me cry.

No work on that list. I didn't even want to. But guess what? As soon as we pulled in the driveway, I sure wanted to again.

Heavy, happy sigh. Thank you John for dragging your workaholic wife away from everything and everyone, even if if was for only one and one half days. I remember now how to be something other than Coach, even if it's only sometimes.

Now, back to biznass.

Tomorrow: We are gonna PR...... wait for it... wait for it.....

Dead lifts!!!!!

A few of you might have just groaned, but most of you are prolly jumpin' up and down with glee right now. I'm so super excited and super nervous. We will NOT be doing a whole deadlift day tho, but instead a back and biceps day. I intend to put them on the list again for Thursday, along with squat cleans. So don't eff your shiz up tomorrow. Kay? Kay.

I might be the only one on this page that's happy it's almost Monday....

Cuz I miss you that bad.


Hot Bodies

I think we should talk about hot bodies.

The vast majority of you seem to all the way care about what yours looks like. That being said, if you are in this gym and your primary focus is to be strong and fit, and you care little to none about what your actual body looks like, that is MORE than okay.

But it's also okay to say, "Ya know what Coach? I want to be ripped. I'm here for that reason (among others...duh), and I am willing to do what it takes to have what I want."

Okay. It's super simple.


Eat what you're supposed to. Work out when you're supposed to.

That. Is. It.

Not easy, huh?

It's so hard to do the above two things that most people NEVER get the body they want.

It boils down to consistently DOING. Not Monday through Friday with a weekend free-for-all come Friday at noon.

Not showing up to the mc two or three times a week and then wondering why parts of your body aren't changing.

The question I'm asking you now: What is standing in your way? How can I help you with that?

I'm watching six packs pop left and right. It's ASTOUNDING. If you want one, you must do...... even when you don't want to.

And then.....



Do You Trust Me?

One more post: (I think it's fine seeing as how I didn't make any work-related posts yesterday.... am I right??)

I hope by now you trust me with your bodies. (Minds out of the gutter people.)

This is a whole method. It's a PROGRAM, not just a bunch of workouts I throw up on the board. I put a lot of thought about how to cycle your body parts, rep ranges, etc.

You see some power-lifting, but not enough to make your body look like a power-lifter.

You see some body-building, but not enough for you to look like a body-builder.

You see some athletics, but not enough to make you look like a CrossFitter.

If you're not consistent with showing up, you're probably going to be disappointed with what happens, which will be lukewarm results. When I look around that room, the bodies I really see changing are the ones who do ALL THE SHIT ON THE BOARD.

They lift heavy.
They lift for hypertrophy.
They do the heart-rate stuff.
They do the stuff they think looks or feels dumb.

The result, over time, is the body of a fitness MUT. And in my opinion, it is the hottest of the physiques.

You don't look like you could get on a stage and do a show, which is a good thing, because those bodies don't look like they could do jack shit when it comes to performance and that's a huge turn off to me.

But you also don't look watery, which is equally unattractive to me.

You love to lift heavy weight but hate the cardio part so you skip those days? Fine. You'll put muscle on but you'll also look kinda fat. If that's okay with you, it's okay with me.

You love the heart rate stuff but hate the lifting because you're afraid you'll "look bulky"? (eye roll). Fine. You'll get hella skinny and look saggy. If that's okay with you it's okay with me.

Just hand over the reins already. Quit worrying about what's on the board and show your ass up. That's why you pay me.


Lemme make you hot. Kay thanks.


Deadlifts & Tantrums

Probably the best thing about challenging your body to do (VERY) hard things is that, if you'll let it,

It will teach you about who you are.

Deadlifts are my JAM. I love them more than any other lift, but this morning broke my spirit. I didn't get what I wanted, so consequently threw a tantrum, which included not one but both of my shoes. And Karen's weight belt.

I left frustrated as hell. I have worked my ass off the last year and there is just no way in HELL my number shouldn't have gone up. I also felt like I let you sunrise specials down, first with a failed lift, and then with the way I handled it.

So: The am lessons: 
1. I throw tantrums when I don't get what I want. (I already knew that, but now know that in my mid-forties, the behavior still persists.)
2. I have developed a tenacity that I did not have even one year ago. Example: Today, I couldn't do the thing, so I immediately began problem solving instead of just pouting.

And Taryn's post raised one million good questions. It could have been any number of those things, and I was happy to attribute it to one of those, until I saw Holly dead lifting at noon.

Holly is an Oly lifter. And in case I haven't mentioned it, Olympic lifting has my whole heart. Her set up looked like mine did as of a few months ago: Narrow stance. Knees out hard, Hips high.

Light bulb. I knew immediately I HAD to try again. It didn't matter that a powerlifting stance would technically make me be able to pick up more pounds.

That wasn't working for me and I knew it in an instant.

I will NEVER know all the things. And thank god for that because it means someone like Taryn can come along and show you all how to power lift your DL and it's been a HUGE game changer for many of you. Or the sumo dead lift. It's made those of you who dreaded DL day be able to move serious weight around. It makes me so happy.

But just like an Olympic set up doesn't work for everyone, a power-lift set up doesn't either.

So, mid day lesson after getting a PR I KNEW I had in me: 
There is no one right way. And as you grow as an athlete, your intuition will grow too.

Other lessons:
I can lose some body fat and still be strong. 
I have developed a confidence in myself that is just now really beginning to play in my favor.
This past year..... all the work I've done is JUST NOW SHOWING UP.

I've hit my stride in that place. I'm in a strong season, and I plan to run with it. But you guys: You may go a DECADE before you really, truly GET IT.

Do you know how many times I've tried and failed????? More times than I've PR'd. No question.

Do you know how many times I let it make me cranky?

Every. Fucking. Time.

I attach a LOT of my peace to being able to perform well. Maybe that's not healthy, but honestly, it serves me. It makes me re-focus. It makes me go back in there four hours later and try again. It makes me go back in there FOR YET THE THIRD TIME TODAY to get the cardio part done.

I do that because I finally care SO G DAMN BAD that I cannot stand to not try. And then try again. And then do what's on the board, no matter what. What started as developing a habit has now become a part of my character.

I obsess over it. And I'm not sure that I'll ever stop. And I'm learning to let myself do and be just that.

Your time will come. And then, it will come in doses. It will ebb and flow. And like everything else, lifting has a life, death, life cycle that repeats itself ad infinitum.

And if you're in a death cycle, that is okay. Show up. Try. Leave and think. Come back and try again if you think it will help. Obsess. Ask questions. Go back to the drawing board. Try something different. If that doesn't work, ask MORE questions. Try it different again.

Have a tantrum but then follow the fit up with action. And settle in.

I'm not going ANYWHERE.